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Not everyone looks at packaging with passion and purpose, which DrinkLogo does. We bring extensive experience and unparalleled industry achievements in every project. Starting from an aluminum can, one of our largest manufactured products, we can continue to use your brand, increasing efficiency and sustainability. But we don’t just sell a catalog of what is already available on the market. When you come to us with a challenge, we devote extra time to find the right solution for your needs.

The new European series of effects DrinkLogo CaneLeon takes product personalization to a higher level
– Personalized printing technology: the game changing solution allows for a number of dynamic projects based on the brand’s promotional goals –

The latest advances in can design are now synonymous with the latest technology, the latest printing technology – aptly named DrinkLogo Effect Premium Print. This is a breakthrough in the product customization mega-trend, currently transforming mass-produced beverage packaging into non-standard creations. Capable of producing up to several dozen different designs in one production cycle. He showed how easily you can mass customize your production. Now, in 2019, just in time for summer, we are introducing even more value for the promotional goals of brands from the entire spectrum of drinks.

Special promotions, fast and easy
“By developing, we have occupied two significant market opportunities – this mass product personalization trend and the need to design adaptation to sensitive events such as music festivals and sports competitions.” We can effectively help customers increase their product shelf attractiveness and drive consumer loyalty through a configurable, cost-effective process designed for all sizes of steel and aluminum cans. ”

Special edition cans are relatively new to the beverage market. The premiere has set a new benchmark in non-standard printing – a debut as part of the globally recognized “Share your drink” promotion. Instead of the iconic logo, these cans contained simple, one-color messages on the metallic color / white layer of the base can. In the logo exchange, the drink allowed to “unbrand” themselves and allow consumers to truly own a can and drinking score. This action made drinks become a marketing hero, and cans – very desirable collector’s items.

Solution for small details
DrinkLogo did not rest on its laurels, but immediately began to work on the further development of this flagship technology. Drinks and the Munich brewery used the next generation of Caneleon – with excellent results. The first series of a series of 50-cm limited edition beer cans honored the famous football club. The cans, in the club’s characteristic red and blue colors, present portraits of 12 players on 12 different and extremely vivid cans. With Caneleon it can play large format letters, simple images and captions, in the same or different color than the can background. By enabling you to print the finer details, it provides customers with greater design flexibility. “This means that thin lines, such as shadow or hair, can be included in designs for a completely realistic look and feel.” Tempting packaging, available from mid-March in participating grocery stores and beverage stores, have become a big hit among football fans.

As a tribute to rock & roll, the value of this technology was also presented, and in April a special edition was launched that can celebrate the rock band with Caneloen. To pay homage to living rock legends and their fans, the brewery released a series of eight cans of beer for the band’s “Rock & Roll” world tour. Each container is in an attractive black color, with a date and one of eight German places where the band logo is distinguished by variable colors, emphasizing the energy that the band will spend on stage and put fans in the mood of a spectacular musical experience.

A completely new design option is also available in the Caneleon family of effects, taking it to the next level by variable printing of two-color images with high resolution close to photographic. “The technology, which will be ready for the market this summer, will make custom printing exceed expectations. It easily meets the growing demand for can designs beyond simple text and images. ”

We are pleased to provide our clients with a full range of promotional opportunities that this latest part can release.

Who we are is in everything we do.

Your can is the most important billboard, and thanks to the new breakthrough printing capabilities of DrinkLogo, you can create more exciting promotions than ever before. CaneLeon variable printing technology allows brands to add variety to cans without

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